Intermediate - worksheets 2

Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronoun Gap Fill
Answer Sheet
Complete the letter by filling the blanks with the correct relative pronoun: whose, where, when, who, which or that.

Butter Is Something That..
Answer Sheet
Student choose the correct relative clause to complete the definitions.

Relative Pronouns Re-Ordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students re-order the words to make sentences using relative pronouns.


Passive Active Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose to use either the active or passive in pairs of similar sentences.

My Country: Passive Error Correction
Answer Sheet
Students read a short composition about somebody's home country and correct any errors they find relating to the passive.

Computer Messages: Present Perfect Passive
Answer Sheet
Students complete messages seen on a computer screen using the present perfect passive.

Past Participle Spelling
Answer Sheet
What is the correct spelling of these regular and irregular verb past participles?

Passive Sentences: Extra or Mis-spelt Word
Answer Sheet
There is an extra or mis-spelt word in each of these passive sentences.

Where Things Are Made
Answer Sheet
Students match left and right columns to make passive sentences about where things are made.


Adverb or Adjective Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose to use either adverb or adjective to complete sentences.

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Position of Adverbs
Answer Sheet
A whole array of adverbs here in a worksheet which focuses on where they go in a sentence.

Position of Adverbs: Error Correction Worksheet
Answer Sheet
A similar worksheet where students must find the errors in the positioning of adverbs.

Position of Adverbs: Error Correction Worksheet 2
Answer Sheet
Another error correction worksheet on the position of adverbs.

Quantifiers, Singular/Plural, Etc

Somewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere!
Answer Sheet
Review of the rules and followed by exercise.

The Dangling Modifier

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Countable/Uncountable Sorting Exercise
Answer Sheet
Students sort nouns into the correct column, countable or uncountable.

The Police Is...The Police Are
Answer Sheet
Worksheet which tackles a problem had by many student at higher levels in their English learning - when to use plural and singular verbs with certain nouns. Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money or are a lot of money? Premium

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