Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> What is the correct spelling of these irregular verb past participles?

Past Participle Spelling


Choose the correct spelling of the past participles for each question.

1. These letters must be...
a. written
b. writen
c. wroted

2. Dogs are not...
a. permitten
b. permitted
c. permiten

3. Not many criminals are....
a. cauhgt
b. catched
c. caught

4. In this magic trick, one card is...
a. chosen
b. chosed
c. chose

5. A big hole is...
a. dug
b. dig
c. digged

6. The pictures will be...
a. drew
b. drawn
c. drewn

7. No fruit was...
a. ate
b. eaten
c. eat

8. Many people are...
a. forgove
b. forgave
c. forgiven Premium

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