Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> There is an extra or mis-spelt word in each of these passive sentences.

Passive Sentences: Extra or Mis-spelt Word


Look at these sentences that all use the passive. Each sentence has ONE word that is either EXTRA or MIS-SPELT. Find that word.

  1. That house is to cleaned by two women every week.
  2. Grapes are not grown in this part of the country. It's to hot.
  3. This letter was writen by a child.
  4. Hancock Castle is visited by a nearly 200,000 people every year.
  5. The Presidential plane is only flew once or twice a year.
  6. There are three official languages in this country but one of them is only speaken by older people.
  7. This is a laptop computer that is a manufactured in South Korea.
  8. After it rains, water is sended from this lake down big pipes to the city, which you can see over there. Premium

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