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It's Quiz Time!!

So, always fancied yourself as a bit of a boffin in the staff room, eh? Well, here is your chance to show everyone what you know. We have a choice selection of quizzes below to test your mettle as a teacher.

For each quiz, you will be given a grade on completion. Here is our guide to what each grade means:

Let the quizzes begin - all in fun of course!

TEFL/ESL Terminology
Know your CALL from your fricatives??? Before setting out on this particular quiz, you may like to refer to esl-lounge.com's ESL Terminology Guide in a handy pop-up.
Start the ESL Terminology Quiz.

Phonetics Quiz
There are 44 phonemes in the Standard English phonetic alphabet, many more if you start adding in the accents spoken in your particular area. We have a phonetic chart on the site for reference or printing out, very useful for students. But how well do you, the teacher, know your vowel and consonant sounds?
Start the Phonetics Quiz.

Difficult Spelling Quiz
We have all had "those" moments. Facing the whiteboard with an expectant class poised over our shoulders. And then, in mid-sentence, you freeze as you realise you don't know how to spell the word you are about to write! Horror of horrors! We also all have our neat little tricks to get out of this particular hole, my favorite being, "OK, let's have a dictionary race. In pairs, first one to find.......'adjacent'". But it would be better if you actually KNEW how to spell those tricky words....
Start the Spelling Quiz.

The Dangling Modifier

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Grammar Identification Quiz
You knew it was coming, didn't you? Each question has an example out of the grammarian's glossary. Do you know your subordinates from your partitives? Click to find out.
Start the Grammar Identification Quiz.

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