Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Complete the letter by filling the blanks with the correct relative pronoun: whose, where, when, who, which or that.

Relative Pronoun Gap Fill


Read this letter from Ben to his friend Sheila. For each space, put a relative pronoun:

whose - where - when - who - which - that

Where it is possible to leave the empty space without a relative pronoun, don't write anything.

Dear Sheila,

In your last letter, you asked me to tell you about all the things ___________ I did during my summer vacation.

We went to Vancouver ___________ I have some old friends ___________ I haven't seen for about three years. My friend Tim, ___________ mother I wrote about in my last letter to you, came with me and we had a great time. We flew into Vancouver on Monday 24th, ___________ was also my birthday.

The first thing we did was to visit the wonderful aquarium in the city center ___________ there are three killer whales and a whole crowd of seals, penguins and dolphins. We arrived in the late afternoon ___________ all the animals are fed so it was wonderful to see the dolphins leaping out of the water to get the fish ___________ they love to eat so much.

The following day, ___________ was cloudy and rainy unfortunately, we went to a musuem ___________ they have some dinosaur skeletons ___________ local people have found in the area. The horrible weather never improved all day so we visited a superb seafood restaurant later in the afternoon and had an early dinner. The waiters, ___________ were all dressed in traditional fishermen's clothes, were very friendly and told us about the history of the restaurant ___________ name was The Jolly Whaler. The restaurant, ___________ has been open since 1888, was once visited by the American President J.F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie.

The skies were blue on Thursday and we spent some time out on the sea in a large boat ___________ we hired. I caught a big fish ___________ the captain said was the biggest he'd seen this year. I felt very proud! We left on Thursday evening after a mini-vacation ___________ helped me to relax a lot and now I have returned to work.

The next time ___________ you write to me, you must tell me about YOUR last vacation.

Bye for now Sheila,
Ben Premium

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