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Please see our "Using Board Games" page for some information about how to get the most out of these board games.

Board Game Master Version I.
Empty board game to which you can whatever you like to use at any level. This is large A3 size.

Board Game Master Version II in A4 size.
A4 version of another board game template.

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We now have board games on our Premium site: PDF and Word formats, multiple sizes for ease of use.

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Short Board Game Master Version.

A4 Size
If you are short of time, this empty board game has only 13 large squares for a quick 5 or 10 minute activity at the end of the class.

Hexagon Letter Game.

A4 Size
This is a board of empty hexagons. Onto this you have to write one letter for each hexagon. The idea is then to have students in pairs or groups play to see who can join two sides together by linking hexagons. So, one team tries to connect top to bottom while the other tries for left to right. This game can be played at many different levels because it requires only for the teacher to set very easy questions for each letter at lower levels.

Conditional Board Game.

A4 Size
Students pass around the board asking and answering 'if' questions in groups with/without the teacher. The three possibilities here are zero, first and second conditional, making this game suitable for around Intermediate and up.

Dominoes Master Version.
This is the master copy of the dominoes game that appears on the pages of quite a few of the levels on this site. You can then use them to test whatever language point you want. See some of the examples (in Levels 1B and 2 for instance) to see how these dominoes can be utilised in the class. Premium

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