Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose to use either adverb or adjective to complete sentences.

Adverb or Adjective Worksheet


Think about whether you should use the adverb or the adjective in each of these sentences. Use the prompt at the end of each question.

1. Think ________ about whether you want to quit this job. (calm)

2. I'm ________ he didn't mean to frighten you. It was an accident. (sure)

3. Her hair looks so ________ always. I'd love to know what she uses on it. (soft)

4. My wife felt rather ________ about the play she was in, but she performed __________. (nervous/wonderful)

5. Look in the fridge - something smells very ________. (bad)

6. The grass grew ________ because of the dry weather. (slow)

7. The new couple next door seem very ________, don't they? (nice)

8. The company performed ________ for a few years, then got into difficulty. (strong) Premium

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