Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read a short composition about somebody's home country and correct any errors they find relating to the passive.

My Country: Passive Error Correction


Look at the short essay written by a student from South America. She has made some mistakes using the passive and active verb forms. Find and correct them.

The most important part of my country is the north. This is where coal is mined and we earn a lot of money from this. There are also some beautiful beaches in the north. Tourists are spent a lot of money, especially in the casinos that is found there.

In the center of the country, agriculture is considered the most important thing. Apples are grown in the Santa Ana valley and nearby, spring water are bottled - the famous Santa Ana Mineral Water, which is tastes wonderful and is sold all over the world.

In the south, my family and I are lived. It is the colder part of the country. In winter, it is possible to ski. Thousands of people are visited every year and, if the snow is good, even people from other countries come to ski here. There is also a lot of industry in this region. Cars are made in big factories and our largest export, huge tractors for working in the fields, produced.

I love my country. It is a large, busy place. Everyone is loved it! Premium

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