Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Review of the rules of using somewhere, anywhere, somebody, anybody, something, anything, etc - followed by worksheet exercise.

Somewhere, Nowhere, Anywhere!


1. I didn't do __ANYTHING__ yesterday. I stayed in bed all day.
2.Are you going __ANYWHERE__ nice for your holiday this year?
3.John and Gita have bought a new house __SOMEWHERE__ in Watford.
4.__NOBODY__ came to my Level 3 class yesterday. They were all at the beach!
5.__NOWHERE__ is more beautiful than Sardinia in the summer.
6."Did you do anything last night?" - "No, __NOTHING__."
7.Rick kissed __SOMEBODY__ in the disco bar last night but he was so drunk he can't remember who!
8. "Does __ANYBODY__ know the capital of Australia?"
9. "Can you help me please? I think I've got __SOMETHING__ in my eye"
10. __SOMEBODY__ has stolen my car!! Did you see __ANYBODY__ suspicious hanging around? Premium

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