Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Fill in the spaces in each of these sentences with the correct relative clause: which, that, whose, where, who, etc.

Relative Clause Gap Fill


Choose from:

which - whose - who - when - where

  1. Dallas is the city ____________ Kennedy was shot.
  2. Bill Clinton was the president ____________ wife was called Hillary.
  3. Sunday is the day ____________ most countries respect a day of rest in the week.
  4. Rotterdam is the port ____________ is the busiest in Europe.
  5. Yasser Arafat is the person ____________ is the Palestinian leader.
  6. Robinson Crusoe is the fictional character ____________ companion was Man Friday.
  7. Smog is the thing ____________ is a combination of fog and smoke, or pollution.
  8. Rum is the strong drink ____________ is associated with the Caribbean.
  9. The Euro is the currency ____________ is used in most of Europe.
  10. Napoleon is the man ____________ wife was called Josephine.
  11. A metallurgist is a person ____________ studies metals.
  12. Hiroshima is the place ____________ the first atomic bomb was dropped.
  13. 1914 is the year ____________ the First World War started.
  14. Your mother-in-law is the person ____________ son or daughter is married to you.
  15. A stapler is a thing ____________ you use to attach papers together. Premium

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