Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A whole array of adverbs here in a worksheet which focuses on where they go in a sentence.

Position of Adverbs


For each sentence, choose the most natural position for the adverb given at the end of the sentence in brackets.


I go to the cinema. (often)
I often go to the cinema.

1. I opened and read the letter before they returned. (quickly)

2. I am happy when it is my birthday. (always)

3. My sister gets up at 6am from Monday to Friday as she goes jogging. (often)

4. Have you been to Russia? I have never been. (ever)

5. I'm waiting for Kathryn to arrive. I have been waiting for over twenty minutes! (still)

6. I want to go and speak to that man Carl - I know him. (hardly)

7. No wine for me please. I don't like any alcoholic drinks. (actually)

8. He won't recognise you because he hasn't seen you for ten years. (probably)

9. I could do a crossword that easy! Give it to me. (even)

10. As I saw him take the necklace, the police arrived and arrested him. (just) Premium

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