These are materials that will probably be suitable for students in their first two years of English studies. There will also be revision materials for grammar/vocabulary covered at the Elementary level. For more information on the level classification used on esl lounge, go to our level description page.

The lesson materials have been divided into the following categories for Pre-Intermediate.

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Pairwork Activities, Surveys, etc

There is a huge amount of resources in this section for Pre-Intermediate which reflects the fact that students' communication has improved markedly by the pre-intermediate level. All new language items are well dealt with in this communicative section of Pre-Intermediate.


Materials to help students with pre-intermediate level vocabulary.

Flashcards and Rolecards

As well as flashcards which teachers can use to facilitate teacher to class speaking activities, there are also role cards which enable better student to student communication.


We have Pre-Intermediate level listening materials on the Premium site. These are integrated listening lessons with full teacher notes and with a variety of accents, these listening lessons will help your students become more proficient and confident in their listening skills.

View Pre-Intermediate listening lesson plans on the Premium site.

Conversation and Discussion Prompts

Students at pre-Intermediate level are able to express themselves better and there is more need for resources that prompt or guide communication and not 'dictate' it so much. In this section of Pre-Intermediate, you will find such materials that allow more open student participation.


A lot of new grammar is covered at pre-intermediate level, especially the present perfect, more complicated expressions of the future and the past, conditional sentences and modals. For this reason, there are also a lot of worksheets at Pre-Intermediate.

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The materials concerned with specific structures at this level deal with conditional and present perfect.

Reading and Writing

Though a lot of reading and writing work will be done outside the class, here at pre-intermediate level, there are some things you can use in the class too to help your students.


A welcome opportunity for students to both continue their learning while at the same time doing something more relaxing and less like traditional 'learning'.

Check out the main board games section too.

Error Correction

With the amount of new language/grammar high at this pre-intermediate level, there are also a lot of resources which can be used either as 'grammar auction' type activities or as straight error correction worksheets.


Try here for anything else that couldn't be placed in any of the other categories. For Pre-Intermediate, there some ideas for using video in the class and a worksheet to help lower level students get the most out of monolingual dictionaries. Premium

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