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Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose to use either the active or passive in pairs of similar sentences.

Passive or Active??

1. That door __________ (paint) yesterday.

2. Michelangelo ___________ (paint) the Sistine Chapel.

3. Michael Schumacher ____________ (drive) for Ferrari.

4. In the UK, everyone ____________ (drive) on the left.

5. Inter-city trains _____________ (usually/drive) by men.

6. The 'La Stampa' newspaper __________ (read) by two million people in Italy.

7. My car ___________ (steal)! Call the police!!!!

8. The thieves ___________ (steal) the gold last week.

9. The Queen _____________ (open) the bridge tomorrow.

10. The bridge _____________ (destroy) by the storm last night.

11. I ___________ (learn) Japanese when I was in Tokyo.

12. I ____________(teach) by an old Japanese man.

13. This letter ______________ (should/type), not handwritten!

14. The new secretary _____________ (type) at 100 wpm. Premium

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