B2 First - Open Cloze Exercises

First Certificate in English (FCE)

The second part of the Use of English paper in the B2 First Examination is open cloze, in which you use one word to fill each space in a short text.

Example Question

6. I wish you wouldn't make ___________ so many stories. I never know when to believe you!

Open Cloze Exercise 1
Exercise Number: FCE046

Open Cloze Exercise 2
Exercise Number: FCE047

Open Cloze Exercise 3
Exercise Number: FCE048

Open Cloze Exercise 4
Exercise Number: FCE049

Open Cloze Exercise 5
Exercise Number: FCE050

Open Cloze Exercise 6
Exercise Number: FCE051

Exam Tip!

Read the whole sentence or the whole text. Often the answer required for the space is dependent on a word or reference many words before or after it. Look at this example:

Kathy spent the afternoon looking for the phone and finally John admitted taking it because he hadn't known that it was ______.

The answer is "HERS" but you wouldn't know that unless you'd read the name that appears TWENTY-ONE words before the gap!

Open Cloze Exercise 7
Exercise Number: FCE052

Open Cloze Exercise 8
Exercise Number: FCE053

Open Cloze Exercise 9
Exercise Number: FCE054

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Open Cloze Exercise 10
Exercise Number: FCE055

Open Cloze Exercise 11
Exercise Number: FCE056

Open Cloze Exercise 12
Exercise Number: FCE057

Open Cloze Exercise 13
Exercise Number: FCE058

Exam Tip!

Keep a database of difficult open cloze questions. This could be on your computer or in a notebook. You might list them like this:

put it IN order (to put something in order)
licked ITS paw (pronoun for objects/animals)
set UP a company (phrasal verb 'set up', to establish, create)

Open Cloze Exercise 14
Exercise Number: FCE059

Open Cloze Exercise 15
Exercise Number: FCE060

Open Cloze Exercise 16
Exercise Number: FCE061

Open Cloze Exercise 17
Exercise Number: FCE080

Open Cloze Exercise 18
Exercise Number: FCE081

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