Grammar Exercises - Intermediate Level

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'Get' Passive
Using 'get' in passive sentences can be quite difficult so here's an exercise to help you understand when it's possible.
Exercise Number: 3G3

Passive Verb Patterns
This exercise concentrates not only on the passive voice but also how it is formed after certain verb constructions which require the use of, for example, the infinitive or gerund.
Exercise Number: 3G8

Active / Passive Exercise
Which is the correct form for each space - active or passive?
Exercise Number: 3G13

Passive Matching Exercise
Match the sentence halves to make passive sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G88

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Passive / Active Exercise
Choose either the passive or active form for each of these questions.
Exercise Number: 3G20

Passive Past Exercise
Reconstruct these past passive sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G21

Passive Present Exercise
Reconstruct these present passive sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G22

Passive General Knowledge
Complete these passive sentences and learn something about history at the same time!
Exercise Number: 3G30

My Country - Use of Passive
Look at these sentences written by a student from South America. She has made some mistakes using the passive and active verb forms. Which sentences are correct?
Exercise Number: 3G44

Present Perfect Passive - Computer Messages
Complete these computer screen messages by using the present perfect passive.
Exercise Number: 3G54

Passive Sentence Editing
Find the mistakes in these passive sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G70

Present Passive Error Correction
Are these sentences using Present Passive correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 3G71

Passive: Spelling Of Participle
Choose the correct spelling of the past participles for each question.
Exercise Number: 3G72


Can / Be Able To Exercise
Choose a form of "can" or "be able to" for each sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G1

Could I / Could You?
A series of polite requests and questions - which is the correct form to use for each one?
Exercise Number: 3G2

Needn't Have Exercise
There is a difference between "didn't need to" and "needn't have" which this exercise will help with.
Exercise Number: 3G7

Modal Signs
Read the signs and then complete the sentences that explain what each one means - using a modal verb.
Exercise Number: 3G38

'Not Allowed' Rules Matching Quiz
Match the rules/signs on the left with the locations on the right.
Exercise Number: 3G85

Sophie's Letter - Modal Verb Use
Look at an e-mail that Sophie has written to her friend in Australia. She has made some mistakes with modal verbs - where are they?
Exercise Number: 3G56

Can / Be Able To Error Correction
Are these sentences using "can" and "be able to" correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 3G82

Can / Be Able To Re-Ordering
Put these words into the correct order to make sentences with "can" or "be able to".
Exercise Number: 3G76

Present Perfect Continuous

I've Been Crying
Match the two sentence halves together in this exercise that practices using the present perfect continuous.
Exercise Number: 3G6

Present Perfect Simple/Continuous
When should you use the present perfect simple and when is the present perfect continuous better? This exercise will help.
Exercise Number: 3G9

Present Perfect Simple/Continuous
Another exercise where you need to choose between these two tenses.
Exercise Number: 3G41

Perfect & Continuous Tenses Gap Fill
Gap fill exercise to practice perfect and continuous verb tenses.
Exercise Number: 3G93

Present Perfect Continuous and Past Perfect Continuous Error Exercise
Look at these sentences which use present perfect continuous and past perfect continuous. There are four correct sentences and four errors. Which ones are correct?
Exercise Number: 3G59

Present Perfect Continuous Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with present perfect continuous.
Exercise Number: 3G73

Present Perfect Continuous Matching Quiz
Match the present perfect continuous sentences on the left with the reasons on the right.
Exercise Number: 3G79

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