Grammar Exercises - Beginner Level

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To Be

To Be: Gap Fill
Each sentence has a space where you must put the verb "To Be" in the correct form.
Exercise Number: 1G7

To Be: Gap Fill
Another basic gap fill exercise using only the verb 'to be'.
Exercise Number: 1G44

'To Be' multiple choice
Choose the correct form of the verb "to be" for each question.
Exercise Number: 1G43

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering
Re-order the words and add the verb "to be" to make full sentences.
Exercise Number: 1G46

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering
Put the words into the correct order to make correct sentences that use the verb "to be".
Exercise Number: 1G115

To Be: Positive or Negative Gap Fill
Put the correct form of the verb "To Be" in each sentence. It could be positive or negative.
Exercise Number: 1G8

'To Be' Question Formation
Put the words in order to make correct questions using the verb 'to be'.
Exercise Number: 1G2

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'To Be' Question Formation 2
Multiple choice exercise to practice 'to be' question formation.
Exercise Number: 1G21

Error Correction: To Be
All these sentences use the verb to be. Which ones are correct?
Exercise Number: 1G18

Error Correction: To Be
Another exercise to find the correct sentences using 'to be'.
Exercise Number: 1G47

Error Correction: To Be & To Have
Are these to be/to have sentences correct or not?
Exercise Number: 1G15

Error Correction: To Be & To Have - Exercise 2
Second exercise using the verbs to be and to have.
Exercise Number: 1G16

To Be - Questions & Answers
Match the questions with the answers.
Exercise Number: 1G38

Pronouns & Possession

Subject or Object Pronouns
In this exercise, you have to choose between subject pronouns (I, he, we, etc.) and possessive adjectives (my, his, our, etc.) for each question.
Exercise Number: 1G6

Subject and Object Pronouns Re-Ordering Quiz
Put these words in the correct order to make sentences with subject and object pronouns.
Exercise Number: 1G125

Error Correction: Genitive & Possessive Adjectives
Find the errors in sentences containing the genitive (John's) and possessive adjectives (his, my, our, etc.)
Exercise Number: 1G17

Apostrophe Use Error Correction
Are these sentences containing (or not containing!) an apostrophe correct or not?
Exercise Number: 1G70

Genitive Error Correction
Are these sentences, which contain genitives, correct or not?
Exercise Number: 1G32

Apostrophe: Is or Has?
Each of these sentences contains an apostrophe - is it being used for possession or 'is' or 'has'?
Exercise Number: 1G36

'Is' or Possession Exercise
Is the apostrophe used for the verb "to be" or to talk about possession?
Exercise Number: 1G69

Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns Error Correction
Find the errors in these sentences that all use possessive adjectives and subject/object pronouns.
Exercise Number: 1G116

Their There!
For each gap, write either they're, there or their.
Exercise Number: 1G37

Possessive Adjectives
Write the correct possessive adjective in the space.
Exercise Number: 1G39

Object Pronouns Multiple Choice Exercise
Select the correct object pronouns.
Exercise Number: 1G171

Possessive Pronoun Multiple Choice Exercise
Multiple choice exercise where you need to choose the correct possessive pronoun to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G172

Subject Pronouns Multiple Choice Exercise
Choose the correct subject pronouns to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1G174

'Give Back' Pronouns Multiple Choice Exercise
Make sure all the possessions get given back to the right person or people.
Exercise Number: 1G162

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