English Vocabulary Exercises - Elementary

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Absolute and Gradeable Adjectives
What is the difference between "hot" and "boiling". Which can you use "very" with? Which can you use "absolutely" with?
Exercise Number: 1V5

Speaking & Talking Verbs Matching Exercise
Matching exercise that practices verbs of talking, speaking, etc.
Exercise Number: 1V60

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Reading The Time Multiple Choice Quiz
Choose the correct time for what you read.
Exercise Number: 1V30

'Come', 'Make' & 'Have' Multiple Choice Quiz
Choose either "come", "make" or "have" for each sentence.
Exercise Number: 1V59

Spelling Multiple Choice
How good is your spelling? Find out with this spelling exercise.
Exercise Number: 1V24

"Keen On" Matching Exercise
Practice the use of "keen on" by doing this matching exercise.
Exercise Number: 1G153

Warning Signs Matching Exercise
Put the warning signs together with the correct place.
Exercise Number: 1G147

Everyday Activities Matching Quiz
Match the everyday activity verbs with the objects.
Exercise Number: 1V64

Parts of Things Matching Quiz
Match each part with the larger object it comes from.
Exercise Number: 1V66

Parts of Things Matching Quiz 2
Match each part with the larger object it comes from.
Exercise Number: 1V67

Morning Activities Gap Fill Exercise
Complete each sentence about what we do in the morning with the correct word.
Exercise Number: 1V28

Places - Odd One Out
Places in the town and the country - which one is different?
Exercise Number: 1V19

Which School?
How old do you have to be to go to different schools?
Exercise Number: 1V20

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