English Vocabulary Exercises - Pre-Intermediate

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Discourse Markers
Use words such as "firstly", "whereas" and "however" to join clauses together to make more complicated sentences.
Exercise Number: 2V1

Choose the right season for each word in this exercise based around the seasons of the year.
Exercise Number: 2V2

Body Vocabulary
Fill each question with a part of the body chosen from a list.
Exercise Number: 2V3

Which Sportsperson?
Look at what each of these sportsmen say - which sport do they play?
Exercise Number: 2V4

Who Would Say?
Match the different jobs to what someone doing that job would say.
Exercise Number: 2V5

Travel Vocabulary
Traveling on planes, trains and automobiles.
Exercise Number: 2V18

Time Markers
Practice of before, after, as soon as, etc.
Exercise Number: 2V19

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Film Critic Adjectives
Are these adjectives used by film critics positive or negative?
Exercise Number: 2V20

Adjective Categories
Put these adjectives into groups - nationality, purpose, size, etc.
Exercise Number: 2V21

"So" & "Such" Vocabulary Gap Fill Quiz
Choose the right word to complete these sentences that all use "so" and "such".
Exercise Number: 2V33

Basic Phrasal Verbs Multiple Choice Quiz
Choose the correct definition for each of these simple phrasal verbs.
Exercise Number: 2V34

Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill Quiz
Use the correct phrasal verb in the right tense to fill each space.
Exercise Number: 2V36

Phrasal Verbs Gap Fill Quiz 2
Use the correct phrasal verb in the right tense to fill each space.
Exercise Number: 2V37

Phrasal Verbs Definitions Multiple Choice
Read the sentences, then choose the best definition of the phrasal verbs.
Exercise Number: 2V39

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