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CEFR - A Standard For Describing Language Level
Explore our FAQ on CEFR levels, benefits for students and teachers, exam correlations, and native speaker comparisons.


Word Lists By CEFR Level

The most important words to learn as you move up from elementary to advanced. These word lists are categorised by CEFR level, starting from A1 (Elementary) and going up to C1 (Advanced).

A1 Elementary
A1 CEFR Word List

A2 Pre-Intermediate
A2 CEFR Word List
Exams at this CEFR level: A2 Key

B1 Intermediate
B1 CEFR Word List
Exams at this CEFR level: B1 Preliminary

B2 Upper Intermediate
B2 CEFR Word List
Exams at this CEFR level: B2 First

C1 Advanced
C1 CEFR Word List
Exams at this CEFR level: C1 Advanced


Phonetic Alphabet Chart
There are 20 vowel sounds and 24 consonant sounds in the Standard English Phonetic Alphabet. Here is every one of them - and in the context of a word to help you understand the correct sound.


Irregular Verb List
This is an irregular verb list a little unlike those you could easily get hold of at your own school. They are listed in order of how often they appear in real English as shown by the famous Lancaster-Bergen corpus. These 50+ in this order represent an incredible 87% of irregular verb occurrence in English.


Guides on how to use English punctuation. History of each one, how you should and should not be using them, common errors and much more.

The Apostrophe '

The Ellipsis

The Dash and The Hyphen -

Quotation Marks

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