Guide to Using Site

bookmark the site

Bookmark the home page of the site. This will allow you to return to esl-lounge Student site without any problems.

level test

The first thing you should do on the esl-lounge Student site is to complete the level test.

the grammar guide

We have a comprehensive guide to English grammar, divided into five levels.

When you want to do some grammar exercises, you will find links to the grammar guide so that you can revise the relevant grammar before doing any exercises. For example, if you want to do some exercises on the Present Perfect, you can find some links to the parts of the grammar guide dealing with the present perfect before the exercises.

the grades and what they mean

After you do every exercise, when you press the "Check Answers" button, you will see a small pop-up with the score for the exercise you have just done. You will see something like this:

A grade will be given between A (good) and E (not good). What do these grades mean?

Grade Score Comment
A 85%+ Great. You don't need to repeat this exercise.
B 70%+ Good. Only repeat if you feel you need to.
C 60%+ Check the grammar before trying again.
D 45%+ Study the grammar well before trying again.
E below 45% Are you sure this is your level?

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keeping scores

You can download and print off this handy Mark Sheet to help you keep your personal record of scores and remember which exercises you need to do again.

using tab key

While you are doing the exercises on this site, you may find it helpful to use the keyboard to navigate your way around from box to box. Use the tab key to go onto the next box - this is easier than using the mouse when you are typing.

exercise codes

Each exercise has an its own code. This is to help you understand which exercises you have already done and which you need to try again.

Every exercise code has three parts.

level / type / number

So 3R23 would be the 23rd reading exercise at intermediate level.

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