Upper Intermediate - worksheets

Future Continuous

Future Continuous or Future Perfect?
Answer Sheet
Students given choice of future continuous or future perfect to complete these sentences.

Future Continuous Re-Ordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students put the words into the correct order to make sentences using the future continuous.

I'll Be Waiting At The Station
Answer Sheet
Future Continuous matching worksheet.

Other Tenses

Present Perfect Simple or Continuous worksheet
Answer Sheet
Focuses on the difference in the two present perfect forms. i.e. I have worked and I have been working.

Past Tense Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Tricky choices face the students here with a choice of past perfect, past perfect continuous and past continuous!

Past Perfect - Chain Of Events
Answer Sheet
Past perfect practice. Students read a chain of events and determine which happened first.


Passive Using "Get"
Answer Sheet
In informal English, "get" is often used to construct passive sentences. But it's not always possible. This worksheet helps students figure out when it is possible.

The Dangling Modifier

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Passive Verb Patterns
Answer Sheet
This goes beyond a basic worksheet to practice the passive. This worksheet concentrates on particular verb patterns which sometimes confuse students such as the necessity to use the gerund or infinitive passive after certain verbs or constructions.

Active or Passive worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students read a short article and decide whether the passive or active should be used for each space.

Used To

"Used To" Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Here the confusion between "used to" for past habits and "get/be used to" for getting accustomed to something new is tackled.

Living in Italy: for 'be used to' and 'get used to'
Answer Sheet
Reading and following exercise concentrates on all forms of 'be used to' and 'get used to'.

Comparatives & Superlatives

The/The Comparatives Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
The/the comparatives gap fill worksheet.

Double Comparatives Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet focusing on the double comparative structure - e.g. the more, the merrier, etc.

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