Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read a short article and decide whether the passive or active should be used for each space.

Active or Passive?

Upper Intermediate

Read the news report and choose the correct verb form.

Millions of dollars' worth of damage has been caused by a storm which (1) swept/was swept across the north of the United States last night. The River Reiner (2) burst/was burst its banks after heavy rain. Many people (3) rescued/were rescued from the floods by fire-fighters, who (4) received/were received hundreds of calls for help.

Wind speeds (5) reached/were reached ninety miles an hour in some places. Roads (6) blocked/were blocked by fallen trees, and electricity lines (7) brought/were brought down, leaving thousands of homes without electricity.

'Everything possible (8) is doing/is being done to get things back to normal,' a spokesman (9) said/was said.

One young girl (10) took/was taken to hospital after she (11) broke/was broken her leg. She has now (12) sent/been sent home.

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