Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet practising the difference between present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.

Present Perfect Simple and Continuous

Upper Intermediate

For each sentence, choose the best form, either Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous.

1. I've been cleaning/cleaned this room all morning and now I'm exhausted!

2. Hurry up Jane! You've only finished/been finishing two questions and we have to write the answers to five.

3. Tony has lived/been living with his uncle recently while he looks for a new apartment.

4. I've been learning/learnt English for over twelve years now.

5. That's a really nice watch you have Greg. How long have you had it/been having it?

6. My local hockey team are an embarrassment to everyone. The season finishes in two weeks and they haven't won/haven't been winning a single game!!

7. Ouch! I've cut/been cutting my finger with that terrible knife again!

8. Sorry to arrive looking so untidy. I've been running/run as I missed the bus.

9. You know your dinner is in half an hour. How many of those chocolates have you eaten/been eating?

10. I've been finishing/finished writing my first novel at last. It should be published in the summer.

11. John has been phoning/phoned all morning. He really must need to speak to you!

12. I've visited/been visiting Russia every year since I was six. It's such a beautiful country.

13. I've visited/been visiting Russia twice in my life.

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