Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students given choice of future continuous or future perfect to complete these sentences.

Future Continuous or Future Perfect?

Upper Intermediate

First, read Jack's itinerary for tomorrow. Then, for each sentence, choose either Future Continuous or Future Perfect to complete it. Number one has been done as an example.

1. At 8am, he WILL BE LEAVING home.

2. By 8.30am, he WILL HAVE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT (arrive airport).

3. At 9am, he WILL BE WAITING FOR HIS PLANE (wait).

4. At 9.30am, he WILL BE LEAVING FOR PARIS (leave).

5. At 10am, he WILL BE FLYING TO PARIS (fly).

6. At 11.10am, he WILL HAVE ARRIVED (arrive) in Paris.

7. At 1.30pm, the meeting WILL HAVE STARTED (start).

8. At 7.50pm, he WILL BE EATING (eat).

9. At 10.15pm, he WILL HAVE LEFT (leave) the restaurant.

10. At midnight, he WILL BE SLEEPING (sleep).

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