Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> In informal English, "get" is often used to construct passive sentences. But it's not always possible. This worksheet helps students figure out when it is possible.

Passive Using "Get"

Upper Intermediate

For each sentence, use the passive with "get" whenever possible.

1. I don't know why this class is always so dirty. It GETS CLEANED every morning.

2. The murder suspect told the police a complicated alibi but it WASN'T BELIEVED by them and he was charged with the murder.

3. "Whose is that computer in the corner of the office?" "I don't know - it NEVER GETS USED by anyone."

4. When foreign films are dubbed into English, usually a lot of the original meaning GETS LOST in the translation.

5. Humans ARE THOUGHT to have originated in the east of Africa.

6. If my car GETS DAMAGED by you, you will pay for the repairs.

7. Glenn Miller GOT KILLED in an aircrash in England in the 1940s.

8. When I am older, I WILL BE KNOWN as a famous scientist.

9. The films of Charlie Chaplin ARE LOVED all over the world.

10. The new factory will open next July and the company says that over 250 employees WILL BE WANTED initially.

11. Did you hear that Jane GOT PROMOTED/HAS GOT PROMOTED to a management position at work! What great news.

12. GETTING PAID for a job you enjoy doing must be the definition of a happy life!

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