Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Grammar worksheet focusing on the double comparative structure - e.g. the more, the merrier, etc.

Double Comparatives

Upper Intermediate

1. The __harder__ you study for these exams, the __better__ you will do.

2. She doesn't really like vodka, so the _smaller__ a bottle you find, the _cheaper___ it will be for us.

3. My neighbour is driving me mad! It seems that the _later__ it is at night, the __louder____ he plays his music!

4. He spent a year in India and loves spicy food. The __hotter___ the food is, the __more___ he likes it.

5. Of course you can come to the party. The __more__ the __merrier___.

6. She will be really angry about that vase being broken! The _less__ she knows about it, the __better___.

7. He has 6 large dogs to protect his house. The __bigger__ the dog, the __safer__ he feels.

8. Earning money has always been the thing that pleases him most. The __richer___ he becomes, the __happier__ he is.

9. You must drive slower in built up areas. The __faster___ you drive in the city, the __more probable__ it is that you will have an accident.

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