Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Past perfect practice. Students read a chain of events and determine which happened first.

Past Perfect - Chain Of Events

Upper Intermediate

Underline the first action to happen chronologically.

1. After she left Korea, Marie went back to Japan where she'd been born.

2. The house was demolished in June. This had been ordered by the local government after it had been badly damaged in a storm.

3. Christine had been going out with Mark for six months. When they broke up, she was devastated.

4. "He'd known the gun was in the drawer of the desk. Kim had hidden it there. But with the police waiting outside, he couldn't risk getting it.

5. It began raining early in the morning and everything was wet when they woke. They'd pitched the tent near the bottom of a hill.

6. Alicia signed her first contract at the young age of 16. She'd enjoyed her childhood, but now she began her journey to fame and wealth.

7. The truck, which had been overloaded, didn't brake in time and hit the wall. The driver was badly injured.

8. Even though his mother had predicted great things for her son, she never expected him to become so famous. He smiled and signed a few more autographs that his fans had requested.

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