Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Reading and following grammar exercise concentrates on all forms of 'be used to' and 'get used to'.

Living in Italy

Upper Intermediate

Robert Mbugu is from Senegal, but now he lives in Cagliari. He arrived here four years ago. When he arrived, he thought everything was very strange - especially the food. Now he likes the food but there are some other things he still doesn't like. For example, he thinks the weather is very cold in the winter. He hates the cold weather in winter and will probably always hate it! When he arrived, he didn't speak any Italian but after two years, he could speak Italian quite well.

In Senegal, Robert was a builder and worked very hard. He also works hard in Cagliari selling Leonardo di Caprio cigarette lighters. So, for him, hard work has never been a problem. In Senegal, there are less cars so the pollution in Cagliari was a problem for him but now, slowly, he is becoming accustomed to it. Before, he had some breathing problems but now, he is healthier.

Changes in Robert's life
Use 'used to' + infinitive or 'be used to' + ___ing or 'get used to' + _____ing to complete these sentences.

Robert ___________________________ Italian food.
Robert ___________________________ eating Italian food.
Robert ___________________________ hard work.
Robert ___________________________ speaking Italian.

Robert ___________________________ the cold weather.

Robert ___________________________ the cold weather.
Robert ___________________________ the pollution in Cagliari by next year.

Present Continuous
Robert ___________________________ the pollution in Cagliari slowly.

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