Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Here the confusion between "used to" for past habits and "get/be used to" for getting accustomed to something new is tackled.

"Used To" Worksheet.

Upper Intermediate

For each sentence, choose a variety of "used to", "be used to" or "get used to".

1. European drivers find it difficult to _________________ (drive) on the left when they visit Britain.

2. See that building there? I _________________ (go) to school there, but now it's a factory.

3. I've only been at this company a couple of months. I _________________ (still not) how they do things round here.

4. When I first arrived in this neighbourhood, I _________________ (live) in a house. I had always lived in apartment buildings.

5. Working till 10pm isn't a problem. I _________________ (finish) late. I did it in my last job too.

6. I can't believe they are going to build an airport just two miles from our new house! I will _________________ (never) all that noise! What a nightmare.

7. His father _________________ (smoke) twenty cigars a day - now he doesn't smoke at all!

8. Whenever all my friends went to discos, I _________________ (never go) with them, but now I enjoy it.

9. I _________________ (drive) as I have had my driving licence almost a year now.

10. When Max went to live in Italy, he _________________ (live) there very quickly. He's a very open minded person.

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