Grammar Exercises - Intermediate Level

Page 3

Verb Patterns

Work, To Work, Working
The answer to every question uses the verb "work" and is either gerund, infinitive or infinitive without "to".
Exercise Number: 3G12

Infinitive or Gerund?
Some verbs in English change their meaning depending on whether they are followed by the infinitive or the gerund. This exercise should help you with this tricky problem.
Exercise Number: 3G15

Infinitive or Gerund?
Choose an appropriate ending to each of these sentences, selecting either the infinitive or the gerund.
Exercise Number: 3G16

I Love Shopping - Verb Patterns & Tenses
Read this text about someone's love of shopping. Practice of verb patterns and tenses (present and past tenses mainly)
Exercise Number: 3G19

Infinitive or Gerund Error Exercise
Are the verbs using the correct verb patterns in these sentences?
Exercise Number: 3G45

Gerund / Infinitive Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with the gerund and infinitive.
Exercise Number: 3G89

'Make', 'Let' and 'Allow' Error Correction
Are these sentences using 'make', 'let' and 'allow' correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 3G84

'Make', 'Let' and 'Allow' Re-Ordering
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with 'make', 'let' or 'allow'.
Exercise Number: 3G77

Student Letter: Infinitive and Gerund
Look at the sentences in a letter written by an English student. She makes some mistakes in her use of infinitive/gerund.
Exercise Number: 3G48

Infinitive or Gerund - Newspaper Headlines
Complete these newspaper headlines using either the infinitive or the gerund verb form.
Exercise Number: 3G65

Infinitive and Gerund - The Interview
Complete this short interview dialogue by choosing the gerund or infinitive for each space.
Exercise Number: 3G66

Relative Clauses & Pronouns

Relative Pronoun Gap Fill
Fill the spaces in this letter with the correct relative pronoun.
Exercise Number: 3G14

Which Relative Clause?
Choose the best relative clause to complete each of these sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G24

Relative Pronouns Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with relative clauses and relative pronouns.
Exercise Number: 3G90

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Dating Ads: Relative Pronouns
Look at these ads written by users on a dating website. They all use relative pronouns. How many errors are there in each sentence?
Exercise Number: 3G62

Relative Clause Gap Fill
Choose the correct relative pronoun to complete these sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G31

Optional Relative Pronouns
Look at the sentences using relative pronouns. Which ones can be omitted?
Exercise Number: 3G55

Relative Pronouns Gap Fill Exercise
Use a relative pronoun from the list to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 3G61

Relative Pronouns Sentence Transformations
Re-write these sentences using relative pronouns.
Exercise Number: 3G64

Nouns and Quantifiers

Somewhere, Nowhere
This exercise should help if you get words like somewhere, anywhere and nowhere mixed up.
Exercise Number: 3G25

Singular or Plural?
Do you use singular or plural verb forms with nouns like "jeans", "the police" and "news"?
Exercise Number: 3G28

Some/Any Gap Fill Exercise
Which word should be used in these sentences - some or any?
Exercise Number: 3G34

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Few, A Few
Using "few" and "little" with and without the indefinite article.
Exercise Number: 3G37

Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Decide if each noun is Countable, Uncountable or Both?
Exercise Number: 3G52

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