Grammar Exercise: Infinitive or Gerund


Choose a verb from the table and put it into the sentences below, choosing carefully either the infinitive or the gerund form.

drink beer
speak French
buy everything
turn it off
brush my teeth
read a good book
say goodnight
help me
go out
eat salt
get lost

  1. My doctor is worried is worried about my heart and has told me to stop
  2. My father was angry when I went to bed without
  3. John, having spent two years in Paris, is very good at
  4. For Mary's farewell party, we are planning
  5. At the weekends, I really enjoy
  6. I am only 16 so I'm not allowed
  7. My mother taught me to never go to bed before
  8. Don't worry about the gas cooker. I remember
  9. He was so generous to offer
  10. The internet is so big, it's easy
  11. I only had ten minutes left and didn't manage
  12. We think that we are too young to get married so we have decided

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