Grammar Exercise: Some or Any Gap Fill


Fill each space with either some or any.

1. Before we leave, I have to get money and my cigarettes. Wait a moment.

2. people think they have the right to a job without having to work!

3. I don't have children yet, but we want to have two or three eventually.

4. Don't worry about going shopping tomorrow. bus will take you straight into the centre of the town.

5. Are there Italian restaurants in your part of town?

6. "Which CD do you want to put on?" "Oh, . I just want to hear some music!"

7. Would you like wine with your meal, sir?

8. Yes, I would. Bring me red wine that you have.

9. Do you want help with that biology assignment you have to do?

10. This was an easy exercise and I didn't make mistakes!

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