Grammar Exercise: Somewhere, Nowhere


Choose the best word from the table for each sentence.

(Note: there isn't any difference between someone and somebody.)

  Places People Things
For positive, we use >> Somewhere Somebody Something
For ? and negative, we use >> Anywhere Anybody Anything
Short answers and subject >> Nowhere Nobody Nothing

1. I didn't do yesterday. I stayed in bed.

2. Are you going nice for your holiday this year?

3. John and Gita have bought a new house in London.

4. came to my Level 3 class yesterday - they were all at the beach.

5. is more beautiful than Sardinia in the summer.

6. "Did you do anything last night?"
"No, !"

7. Rick kissed in the disco last night but he can't remember who it was!!

8. "Does know the capital of Austria?"

9. Can you help me please? I think I have in my eye.

10. has stolen my car!! Help!

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