Grammar Exercise: Relative Clause Gap Fill


Choose from the relative pronouns listed below:

which - whose - who - when - where

  1. Dallas is the city Kennedy was shot.
  2. Bill Clinton was the president wife was called Hillary.
  3. Sunday is the day most countries respect a day of rest in the week.
  4. Rotterdam is the port is the busiest in Europe.
  5. Yasser Arafat is the person is the Palestinian leader.
  6. Robinson Crusoe is the fictional character companion was Man Friday.
  7. Smog is the thing is a combination of fog and smoke, or pollution.
  8. Rum is the strong drink is associated with the Caribbean.
  9. The Euro is the currency is used in most of Europe.
  10. Napoleon is the man wife was called Josephine.
  11. A metallurgist is a person studies metals.
  12. Hiroshima is the place the first atomic bomb was dropped.
  13. 1914 is the year the First World War started.
  14. Your mother-in-law is the person son or daughter is married to you.
  15. A stapler is a thing you use to attach papers together.

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