Grammar Exercises - Intermediate Level

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Error Correction: Past
This serves as a review of the intermediate level past tenses. Which of the sentences is correct?
Exercise Number: 3G4

Future Tenses Errors Exercise
Look at how the future is being used in each of these sentences. Is each one correct or not?
Exercise Number: 3G58

Dialogue Gap Fill - Future Forms
Complete the spaces in this dialogue using the correct tense.
Exercise Number: 3G49

Subject/Object Questions

Subject & Object Questions
The difference between "Who likes you?" and "Who do you like?".
Exercise Number: 3G26

Making Subject & Object Questions
Use the prompts to write subject or object questions.
Exercise Number: 3G81

Subject & Object Questions Re-Ordering Quiz
Put these words into the correct order to make sentences with subject or object questions.
Exercise Number: 3G75

Used To

Used To / Would
It is possible to use both of these to talk about past routines and habits. When should you use each one?
Exercise Number: 3G11

People Used To
What did people used to do before many modern appliances were invented?
Exercise Number: 3G36

'Used To' Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with 'used to'.
Exercise Number: 3G74

Past Simple or 'Used To' Gap Fill Exercise
Choose either Past Simple or 'Used To' for each sentence.
Exercise Number: 3G80

Comparatives & Superlatives

Comparative and Superlative Gap Fill - Prague
Read about the wonderful city of Prague and fill in the spaces with comparative and superlative expressions.
Exercise Number: 3G33

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Situations
Use all the information given in each of these situations and use a past perfect sentence to summarize what had happened.
Exercise Number: 3G23

Past Perfect Chain Of Events
A good exercise to understand how the past perfect tense is used to order events in a sentence.
Exercise Number: 3G63


Second Conditional Review
Fill in the spaces to make second conditional sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G10

First & Second Conditional Differences
In which situations is it better to use the first conditional - and which calls for the second?
Exercise Number: 3G17

First & Second Conditional Exercise
Choose between the first and second conditional for each question.
Exercise Number: 3G18

Second Conditional Sentence Editing
Find the mistakes in these second conditional sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G68

First & Second Conditional Error Correction
Are these sentences using First and Second Conditional correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 3G69

Second Conditional Re-Ordering Quiz
Re-order the words to make Second Conditional sentences.
Exercise Number: 3G67

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