Grammar Exercise: Few, A Few


In each space put one of the following:

few - a few - little - a little

1. If you have time, could you come and have a look at my computer. It's not working very well.

2. She is quite poor. Ever since she lost her job last year, she's had money.

3. I don't want any more wine, thank you. I have here.

4. Jack has friends and is often at home alone. I worry about him, you know.

5. You know people here, don't you? I'll leave you to chat.

6. That new employee is great. She asked me a few questions at the start and, since then, seems to need help. A very independent type!

7. I have patience for your stupid questions Smithers. Now tell me what you want and stop wasting my time.

8. Add salt to the soup. It needs it!

9. "How many extra chairs do you need for the dinner tonight?" ". We have almost all the chairs we need."

10. This hotel is better than the one where we were last year! I don't know why we changed!

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