Grammar Exercise: Infinitive or Gerund?


This worksheet concentrates on those verbs that can take both the infinitive or the gerund but with a change in meaning. e.g stop, remember, regret, try, etc, etc. Fill each space with either the gerund or the infinitive form of the verb that is given in brackets.

1. We had worked hard all morning, so at midday we stopped (have) a coffee and a sandwich.

2. Did you remember (buy) that bag of apples I asked you to get. We need those apples for the cake this evening.

3. If you are getting so many headaches, you should try (see) a specialist at the hospital. It could be something serious.

4. We regret (inform) you that you have failed the first part of the test. You can go home now if you wish.

5. If you go on (listen) to music that loud, you'll be deaf before you're twenty!

6. You should stop (go) to that biker club. It's taking up too much of your time.

7. It's strange that I remember (go) to school the first time when I was five but I don't remember when we moved house a year later.

8. I tried (stop) the thieves but they were both on motorbikes and it was useless running after them.

9. You must regret (tell) your sister about her husband now. She has never been the same since.

10. I meant (phone) you last night but I completely forgot. So sorry!

11. After graduating in law from Cambridge, she went on (become) a famous lawyer.

12. I want to work abroad but not if it means (have to learn) another language. I am terrible at learning languages!

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