Grammar Exercise: Infinitive or Gerund - Work, To Work, Working


For each question, choose either "work", "to work" or "working" to fill each space.

1. When I finish university, I want in Europe for 6 months.

2. I don't think children under 16 should .

3. My sister decided to take a job in the summer in the local cinema to earn some extra money.

4. Would you like on your own or as part of a team?

5. late at night always reminds me of when I was at university.

6. After all day long, I like to come home and have a long hot bath.

7. It's difficult in an office, especially if it's too hot and the windows are never open.

8. I can on this project alone if you give me some initial guidance.

9. My boss is a monster! He made me till 8pm on Friday evening.

10. I enjoy but I prefer not to overdo it.

11. I would in computer programming for nothing. I love it!

12. Seeing as you have missed the last two weeks because of illness, you should offer over this weekend at home.

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