Grammar Exercises - Pre-Intermediate Level

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First Conditional Exercise
Complete these first conditional sentences. Be careful of positives and negatives!
Exercise Number: 2G24

First Conditional Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words into the correct order to make first conditional sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G98

What Do You Do If?
Zero conditional questions and their answers. You just need to put them together.
Exercise Number: 2G42

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Conditional Matching Exercise
Match the two halves of these sentences about Murphy's Law!
Exercise Number: 2G46

Zero and First Conditionals - Extra or Missing Words
In these zero and first conditional sentences, there are some extra or missing words.
Exercise Number: 2G62

Present Simple or Will Quiz
Look at these conditional sentences and use either the Present Simple or "will" to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 2G89

Zero Conditional Matching Quiz
Match the beginning and end of these sentences to make zero conditional sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G88

Zero Conditionals Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make sentences with zero conditionals.
Exercise Number: 2G83

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Past Continuous

Past Continuous Sentence Completion
Match the two halves of these sentences which show how the past simple and the past continuous tenses are used.
Exercise Number: 2G10

Alibi Jigsaw Reading
Choose the best past simple and past continuous questions to complete this police interview of a suspect.
Exercise Number: 2G22

Past Continuous Gap Fill
Complete these sentences which all use the Past Continuous.
Exercise Number: 2G39

Past Continuous Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words into the correct order to make past continuous sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G97

Past Continuous Question/Answer Match
Put the questions and answers together to practice past continuous.
Exercise Number: 2G49

Past Simple or Past Continuous Exercise
Choose either the past simple or past continuous for each space in this exercise.
Exercise Number: 2G50

Past Continuous and Past Simple Error Exercise
Are these past continuous sentences correct or not?
Exercise Number: 2G51

Past Continuous - The Journal Entry
Read this journal entry and find errors in the use of the past continuous.
Exercise Number: 2G58

Past Continuous - Letter Gap Fill
Fill in the spaces in this letter using either past simple or past continuous.
Exercise Number: 2G57

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