Grammar Exercise: Alibi Jigsaw Reading


Have a look at the following interview between Mr. Jones and a police interviewer. For each space, choose the best question that you need to ask for that information.

Policeman: OK, Mr. Jones. Now just tell us what happened last night and what you were doing between 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock.

Mr. Jones: Well, at 7 o'clock I was __________ (1) and I was watching a film called 'Last Chance in Bandit County'. I was sitting next to _________(2) who was wearing a yellow dress. Just after the film started, she _________(3) so I'm sure she will remember me.

The film finished at about 7.30pm and I left the cinema _______(4) later.

Policeman: Why?

Mr. Jones: Because I was seeing what films were on for next week. Anyway, when I got outside into the street, it _______(5) and so I decided to go to a bar. As I was walking to the bar a friend telephoned me on my mobile phone so I stood in a shop doorway to speak to him for a short time.

Policeman: What shop was it?

Mr. Jones: Oh. I think it was a ______(6) shop. It was called Travers or Trovers or something. I went into the bar at about ten to eight. As I walked in, there were only 2 customers there and they were __________(7). The barman was watching television also! I ordered a pint of beer and sat down near _________(8).

Policeman: So will these three people remember you being there?

Mr. Jones: Oh yes. As I was drinking my beer, the barman was talking to me about the weather and the football match on Saturday. I left the pub at _________(9) and went to find my car. When I arrived at my car, there were 2 teenagers leaning on my car talking so I shouted at them to get off. They'll remember me!! I drove home while listening to the radio and got home at about __________(10).

Policeman: Who did you see at home?

Mr. Jones: When I arrived home, my wife was cooking dinner and my two sons were __________(11) in the living room. We all ate dinner together and that finished at about 10 o'clock. Now I really must telephone my lawyer...

1.  Where were you at 7 o'clock?

    Where did you stay at 7 o'clock?

2.  Who was you sitting next to?

    Who were you sitting next to?

3.  What she did?

    What did she do?

    What did she did?

4.  What hour did you leave the cinema?

    Which time you left the cinema?

    What time did you leave the cinema?

5.  What was the weather like?

    What was the weather?

    How the weather was?

6.  What type of shop it was?

    What type of shop was it?

7.  What did the customers were doing?

    What the customers were doing?

    What were the customers doing?

8.  Where did you sit?

    Where were you sit?

9.  What hour did you leave the pub?

    What time you left the pub?

    What time did you leave the pub?

10.  What time did you get home?

    What time you did get home?

11.  What your sons were doing?

    What were your sons doing?

    What did your sons doing?

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