Grammar Exercises - Pre-Intermediate Level

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Question Tags

Question Tags Exercise
Question tags are hard, aren't they? This exercise will help you, won't it?
Exercise Number: 2G16

Question Tags Error Exercise
Find the mistakes in this question tag exercise.
Exercise Number: 2G52

Question Tags Multiple Choice Exercise
Which is the correct question tag to finish each sentence?
Exercise Number: 2G63

Negative Question Tags Gap Fill
Write the correct negative question tags.
Exercise Number: 2G53

Question Tags Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences with question tags.
Exercise Number: 2G82

So & Such / So & Because

So Rich, Such Wealth
Choose either so or such to fill the spaces in each of these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G43

So & Because
Finish each of the sentences with a phrase using either so or because.
Exercise Number: 2G44

So & Because Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences using "so" and "because".
Exercise Number: 2G76

So & Because Error Correction
Are these sentences with so and because correct or not?
Exercise Number: 2G77


Article Gap Fill
Choose "a", "an", "the" or nothing to fill each gap in these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G1

Article Error Correction
Are these sentence with articles correct or not?
Exercise Number: 2G36

Indefinite Article
Put either a, an or nothing in each of the spaces.
Exercise Number: 2G45

Articles A/An
Choose 'A' or 'An' for each noun.
Exercise Number: 2G48

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Indefinite Article and 'One' Exercise
Exercise to practice the difference between using indefinite article and the word "one".
Exercise Number: 2G69

Indefinite Article Gap Fill Exercise
A tricky exercise where you need to put "a", "an" or nothing into each space.
Exercise Number: 2G66

Find The Indefinite Article
Each exercise has only one indefinite article - where is it?
Exercise Number: 2G67

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