Grammar Exercise: Past Continuous Gap Fill


Fill the spaces in the sentences with these phrases from the box.

was looking the other way
while I was having a bath
when the accident happened
when we were cut off
it was snowing
my wife arrived home
when it stopped working
when the police stopped me
as the big game was starting
when the dog attacked him

  1. Tim was driving his car too quickly .
  2. as I was preparing her dinner for her.
  3. I was riding my bicycle on the pavement .
  4. The boy was delivering newspapers .
  5. during the match and that made playing very difficult.
  6. My sister was using the computer .
  7. The power went off in the house just .
  8. Unfortunately, the phone rang .
  9. I was speaking to my brother on the phone .
  10. The thief escaped while the policeman .

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