Grammar Exercises - Pre-Intermediate Level

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Different Uses Of 'Can'
"Can" can be used to talk about many things in English. In this exercise, decide if "can" is being used to talk about permission, ability or to make a request.
Exercise Number: 2G54

Modal Verbs: Right or Wrong?
Some of these modal verb sentences are correct, but some aren't. Your job is to choose the correct ones.
Exercise Number: 2G5

Must/Have To Difference
There is a small difference between these two ways of expressing obligation. This exercise will help you to see the difference.
Exercise Number: 2G8

Must / Have To Matching Quiz
Match the sentence halves and learn about 'must' and 'have to'
Exercise Number: 2G96

Mustn't/Don't Have To Difference
One of these expresses a lack of obligation while the other expresses an obligation NOT to do something. Can often cause confusion. This exercise should help you see the difference.
Exercise Number: 2G9

Should / Shouldn't Exercise
Put the correct form of "should" into the spaces in these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G18

Should / Shouldn't Exercise 2
Another should/shouldn't exercise.
Exercise Number: 2G47

Should / Shouldn't Jobs Matching Quiz
Should a lawyer be honest? Find out in this modal verb quiz.
Exercise Number: 2G95

Factory Signs - Must and Mustn't
Use of must/mustn't on factory signs.
Exercise Number: 2G60

Modal Verbs - Extra or Missing Words
Which of these sentences has an extra or missing word?
Exercise Number: 2G61

Modal Verbs Multiple Choice Exercise
Choose the correct modal verb to finish each of these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G59

Modal Verbs Re-Ordering Exercise
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences with modals.
Exercise Number: 2G81


I Was Going To...
Match the two halves of these sentences which use I Was Going To to talk about past intentions.
Exercise Number: 2G20

Present Simple & Continuous For Future
For each sentence, choose between the present simple and the present continuous. Both can be used to refer to the future.
Exercise Number: 2G21

Will / Going To Exercise
These two future forms can often be confusing. Choose the best one for each sentence.
Exercise Number: 2G33

'Going To' Word Order
Put the words in these 'going to' sentences into the correct order.
Exercise Number: 2G55

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'Going To': Evidence Or Not?
We use "going to" to talk about future predictions based on present evidence. Read these sentences and say whether "going to" is being used in this way or not.
Exercise Number: 2G64

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