Grammar Exercise: Past Continuous - Letter Gap Fill


Look at this letter from Alice to her friend, Maria. For each space, choose either the past continuous or past simple.

Dear Maria,

Sorry I haven't written for such a long time. Something terrible (happen)!

My boss (ask) me to do something for him and I (work) on that when I (hear) a loud noise. There was a bird in the office! It (fly) around the room and I (not know) what to do. You can imagine how scary it (be).

Then my boss (run) into the office to see what the noise was. So he (shout) at me and the bird (continue) to fly. I (be) so angry. I (get) my coat and bag and (leave) the office. I (say) to my boss, "see you later".

So now I'm in trouble with the company and I have a big meeting tomorrow about it. I'm very worried!

Tell me your news - it must be better than mine!



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