Grammar Exercises - Pre-Intermediate Level

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Handsome Rick
Read the text about Handsome Rick and think about the questions you need to ask for the missing information. Past simple and present simple.
Exercise Number: 2G27

John Carpenter
Read the text about the famous musician John Carpenter and choose the best questions to you need to ask for the missing information. Present simple, past simple and present continuous.
Exercise Number: 2G28

The Penguin Story
A nice story about a friendly penguin. Complete it using the past simple, past continuous, present perfect, future simple and present continuous (for future) tenses.
Exercise Number: 2G31

John The Stuntman
John the stuntman has an interesting life. Read his story and fill the spaces. Practice of elementary verb tenses and comparative/superlative.
Exercise Number: 2G29


Prepositions Gap Fill
Which is the correct preposition for each space?
Exercise Number: 2G15

Tom's Weekend
Read about Tom's weekend and decide which preposition is required for each space.
Exercise Number: 2G19

Prepositions of Place Multiple Choice Exercise
Choose the correct preposition of place for each question.
Exercise Number: 2G101

Prepositions Of Time
When do you use "on", "in" or "at"? When don't you use any preposition? This exercise will help you.
Exercise Number: 2G32

Prepositions Of Time Error Correction
Are these sentences using prepositions of time correct or not?
Exercise Number: 2G74

Prepositions Of Time Re-Ordering Quiz
Put the words in the correct order to make sentences. Pay careful attention to how prepositions are used.
Exercise Number: 2G75

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Position Of Adverbs
Choose the most natural sounding sentence, all of which use adverbs.
Exercise Number: 2G40

Frequency Adverbs Re-Ordering Quiz
Put these words into the correct order to make sentences with frequency adverbs.
Exercise Number: 1G132


Like / Would Like Exercise
Choose the correct form of "like" or "would like" for each of these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G34

'As' or 'Like' Exercise
Choose either 'as' or 'like' to complete each of these sentences.
Exercise Number: 2G73

'Like' As Verb & Preposition Re-Ordering Quiz
Put these words into the correct order to make sentences with 'like' as a verb and preposition.
Exercise Number: 2G84

Like / Is Like Exercise
Questions with "like" and "to be like" can often be confusing. In this exercise, you have to read a question and choose which of the possible answers most makes sense.
Exercise Number: 2G35

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