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'For' or 'Since' Board Game.

A4 Size
Students move along a board by giving answers to prompts such as 'since I was young' or 'for six months'. To practice present perfect.

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Free Time Activities Short Board Game.

A4 Size
Students talk about what they do in their free time as they move around a short board...good for last ten minutes.

General Discussion Topics Board Game

A4 Size
Variety of general topics to start discussions. You will find you will never get through this type of activity because you always end up going off on multiple tangents with the class and have to take up the game again next time you have a spare ten minutes. Some of these issues are quite controversial and is for older/stronger students.

Symbols Board Game Template.

A4 Size
This board is empty in a sense in that there is no language on it, only 3 different symbol types. Depending on which symbol students land on, the teacher can devise different prompt cards. For example, landing on the face means a question to the teacher, landing on the sun means a spelling question and landing on the heart means 'talk about...'. There are endless possibilities for this. Below are some examples which you can add to.

Present Simple Question Cards for Symbols Board Game.
Here are three sets of cards that can be used for the symbol board game above. This is one example of what can be done for present simple and I will put others here in time too.

Zero, First and Second Conditional.
Three types of conditional questions for students to ask each other. Use with the symbol board game above.

Like, Is Like, Look Like.
Game which focuses on these easily-confused structures. Use with above symbol board. Divide questions into 3 piles, one for each structure.

You Don't Say!!!.
Students define words to each other without saying the other three words that are on their list. Split these cards into three levels of difficulty depending on your classes and then use with the symbol board game above. There are 75 cards here which you can easily edit or add to.

Draw It!!!
There are over 100 word cards here which can be divided into three levels of difficulty and used with the symbol board above. Students land on one of the symbols and pick a card from that pile and look at the word written on it. They then have to draw a picture to try and enable the other student(s) in their team to guess what the word is. It's best if they are given a limit of around 10 to 20 seconds for each word to keep the game moving. You can decide what the penalty is for not being able to succeed in the time limit. Premium

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