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First Conditional/If/Unless Board Game.

A4 Size
Students have to provide endings for if/unless/as soon as/when sentences as they move around the board.

Small Letter Cards for Various Board Games.
These vowel and consonant cards can be used for a variety of word and spelling games such as Scrabble-type games.

Level One General Board Game.

A4 Size
One that even Level 1A students can participate in. Mainly 'to be' and basic present simple questions with few spelling questions too and short vocab list requests.

Board Game to Review Pre-Intermediate Grammar.

A4 Size
Good review of the pre-intermediate grammar syllabus (present simple and continuous, past simple and continuous, present perfect, will and going to futures). Can be useful revision for all levels above that.

Board Games on esl-lounge Premium.

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Money Cards for Use in Various Board Games.
Money cards for different games or role plays.

Past Tense Board Game.

A4 Size
Getting students to talk about things that happened in the past. Can be used from Elementary level upwards but better for Intermediate.

Phrasal Verbs Snakes and Ladders.

A4 Size
Students try and avoid the snakes and aim for the ladders as they answer questions on phrasal verbs. You will need to sketch a couple of snakes and ladders yourself over the main grid. Premium

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