Board Games >> Board Games Materials/Accompanying Cards >> There are over 100 word cards here which can be divided into three levels of difficulty and used with the symbol board above. Students land on one of the symbols and pick a card from that pile and look at the word written on it. They then have to draw a picture to try and enable the other student(s) in their team to guess what the word is. It's best if they are given a limit of around 10 to 20 seconds for each word to keep the game moving. You can decide what the penalty is for not being able to suceed in the time limit.

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To be used in conjunction with the empty board game template available here.

These cards should be divided into three levels of difficulty. Then, each symbol on the board corresponds to a different level of difficulty.

Yacht Rocket Visitor
White Red Computer
Wedding Party Carnival
House Watch Walk
Wall University Clock
Moon Heart Love
Beach Sand Jesus
Tram Tourist Woman
Hamburger Tiger Man
Teacher Cut London
Terrible Stop Smoke
Spain Hawaii Crash
Doctor School Drive
Shop assistant Bridge Salmon
Geography Mathematics River
New York Jungle Lake
Paris Planet Difficult
Temple Stone Cloud
Shoes Hair Bus
John History Hospital
Street Egg Meat
Boring Saxophone Glasses
Happy Bottle Oven
Guitar Interesting Photo
City Politician Mountain
Fast Motorbike Divorce
Door War Sew
Himalayas Elephant Ganges
Cigar Church Cheese
Bear See Type
Fish Spaghetti Calculator
Cat Hate Get up
Kremlin Camera Horse
Vodka Milk Pond
Beer And Dance
Bedroom Bathroom Arctic
Penguin Forget Grass Premium

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