Board Games >> Board Games Materials/Accompanying Cards >> Here are three sets of cards that can be used for the symbol board game above. This is one example of what can be done for present simple and I will put others here in time too.

Cards For Board Game - Present Simple

To be used in conjunction with the empty board game template available here.

What time/finish school or work? What time/go to bed on Sundays?
What time/go to bed on Saturday nights? What/newspaper/read?
What/take to parties? What/wear for work or school?
What time/have dinner? What/have for breakfast?
What/drink to celebrate? What/watch on television?
What time/get up on Sundays? What/eat for lunch?
How often/write a letter? How/get to school or work?
What/do on Friday nights? How often/visit your friends?
How often/go to the theatre? What/wear for parties?
How long/your journey to school or work take? How often/wash your hair?
How often/listen to the radio? How many cups of coffee/drink a day?
How long/take to get dressed? How many hours/work in a day?
How often/have English lessons? How long/study English a week?
How often/go to the cinema? How often/go to a restaurant?
Where/eat your breakfast? Where/go for your holidays?
Where/meet your friends in the evening? Where/go at the weekend?
Where/your best friend live? Where/go to relax?
Where/do your homework? Where/have lunch?
Where/go for walks? Where/study English?
Where/do your shopping? Where/buy your clothes?
Where/work or study? Where/go to eat pizza? Premium

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