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This is a page with introductory information about how you can use the board games on esl-lounge most effectively. Go to our board games and board game templates page for the materials themselves.

Why Use Board Games

Games are a therapeutic, relaxing way for students to consolidate what they have learned in the esl classroom.

As well as being a good 'final five minutes' activity, they are useful in their own right as they provide a challenging, fun respite from other activities.

On the pages which deal with the six main levels within esl-lounge, you will find many different types of games. Here, specifically, you will find a collection of board games designed to be played either as an entire class or at least in groups of four to eight.

If games are used well and not just as a time killer, they can be very effective.

Board Games on esl-lounge Premium.

We now have board games on our Premium site: PDF and Word formats, multiple sizes for ease of use.

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practical considerations

copying games off site

The board games here are in PDF format which your computer shouldn't have any problems downloading and opening. PDF format is almost universal and a lot more user friendly than other file types. You will also find all these and other board games in editable Word Doc formats on the Premium site board game page.


The board games on this site are in A4 size.

empty versions

And wherever possible, I have also included master templates of games so that you can make your own copies and cater them to your own teaching environment.


Normally, you will have everything you need right here, except for a sturdy table and some dice. Some of the games need sets of cards which you will find with the relevant board game. Premium

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